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Seminar on continuous automatic industrial wastewater monitoring solutions (26/12/2012 17:57)

On Dec. 14th, 2012, a seminar on “Continuous automatic industrial wastewater monitoring solutions” was held at Caravelle Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City

It was attended by representatives of the departments of provinces and infrastructure development companies of export processing zones and industrial parks. At the seminar, Tan Tien Automation Technology Corporation – specializing in providing equipments and solutions of electrical integrated, measurement, automation as well as monitoring for many industries, especially water sector - has introduced and demonstrated a continuous automatic industrial wastewater monitoring system used for export processing zones, industrial parks and industrial clusters in order to help the participants directly observe and better understand the system for application in their areas.

Third Green Business Award - 2012(21/12/2012)
Pilot operation of module 2 – Waste Water Treatment Plant of Hiep Phuoc IP(22/11/2012)
Implementation of the waste water treatment plant construction in Dong Nam IP(5/10/2012)
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