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Overcome “storm” together

Not only Hepza but also the enterprises and workforce are joining together and trying their best to maintain production and guarantee the live of laborers.

To implement the Resolution No. 11/NQ-CP of the Government on solutions mainly focusing on containing inflation, stabilizing the macro economy, guaranteeing the social security, not only HEPZA but also the enterprises and workforce are joining together and trying their best to maintain production and guarantee the live of laborers.


Effort to stabilize production

In the recent meeting with HCM City leaders, representatives from several industrial associations presented difficulties and obstacles that enterprises are facing and said that each enterprise was trying its best to re - arrange the production, use saving  - efficient raw materials and improve technology to minimize input costs and reduce production cost. Besides, the industrial associations such as textiles, food, and plastic ... were well promoting the intermediary role in introducing enterprises to access capital, material sources, experiences and new markets. This was a bright mark, showing that industrial associations had been gradually in the right direction and had good conditions to boost their operation and support enterprises more positively.

Particularly, in the EPZs – IPs, as each IP has numerous enterprises operating in different industries, it is difficult to find common voice and support each other on technology, market... Therefore, most of them "swim" by themselves, and the role of industrial associations is weak. In the short term, enterprises should actively link together to assist each other in small groups, set up branch of associations, mobilize other enterprises in the same industry to join the  associations in order to support each other more effectively and overcome difficulties.

The EPZ – IP infrastructure developers also play an important role in supporting enterprises in stabilizing manufacture. For example, they can coordinate with electricity supplier to cut power reasonably and inform the cutting power schedule to enterprises in time. So, the enterprises can actively plan the production and so limit the unnecessary losses. Furthermore, they can secure the EPZs – IPs such as from robbery and theft that will help workers feel safe when going to work each day. They are also completing infrastructure projects, especially social infrastructure works such as dormitories, cultural - sport centers, health centers, catering factory, kindergartens, supermarkets ... which contribute to support enterprises in maintain production and enhance the spiritual and physical live of laborers.


Care of the rights of laborers.

In the condition of economic difficulties, the prices of goods constantly rise, but the income of workers at some enterprises is too low that it can not cover the basic costs of living, leading to many strikes recently. Some enterprises did not pay proper attention to claims of workers, they "looked" each other and waited for the opinion from the their associations or the salary they paid for the laborers is too low, making the labor relations more tense. The result is that enterprises can not stabilize the production and develop. The fact has shown that enterprises which well take care for the workers and make good conditions for the unions to operate have achieved much success not only in business but also in labor relation.

However, in addition to the role of enterprises and the cooperation of workers, the support from the government for economic stability and social security is also needed. Particularly, the government should give priority to control inflation, reduce interest rates to the tolerance of enterprises (the current lending interest rate is around 25% per month, which is too high, so enterprises do not take risk to borrow money), reform administrative procedures to reduce inconvenience or hassle for enterprises, exempt enterprises from some taxes such as income tax, value added tax ... in order to help them use exempted money in investing in production, creating jobs and caring for workers.

The authorities need to strengthen the monitor and inspection to make enterprises well implement the policies and laws of the government, especially provisions on social insurance, simultaneously take care of meals for workers and guarantee the their legal rights.

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