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Solutions to effectively deploy industrial symbiosis in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park (25/11/2022)

The project "Implementing eco-industrial zones in Vietnam with an approach from the global eco-industrial park program" conducted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in collaboration with UNIDO, from SECO's funding

Fiscal policy supporting socio-economic recovery (7/2/2022)

On January 28, 2022, the Government issued Decree No. 15/2022/ND-CP...

“Submission Form” for the enterprise in Kansai Area, Japan and Japanese enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City (1/8/2019)

The working group in charge of Kansai area of Ho Chi Minh City (Kansaidesk in brief) is established by the Decision of 4913/QĐ-UBND...

Conference on investment promotion into Ho Chi Minh city 2019 (2/5/2019)

With a view to promoting projects to local and abroad investors...

The Announcement of training course on Occupational Safety and Health for foreign employees (25/12/2018)

Ho Chi Minh City Export Processing zone and Industrial Park Authority (HEPZA) receives Official letter No. 672/ATLĐ-CSBHLĐ dated on November 29, 2018...

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