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Nội dung tin tức Nội dung tin tức

Nội dung tin tức Nội dung tin tức

The establishment of export processing zones and industrial parks

After the Law on foreign investment in Vietnam had been promulgated in 1987, foreign investment into Vietnam increased rapidly. Most of them focused on services such as hotels, offices… in Ha Noi and Hồ Chí Minh City. Foreign investment in industry especially the industry for export met two main obstacles: bad infacstructure, difficult formalities of getting investment license and slow deployment of investment project. Base on foreign country experiences, the Vietnam Government had a policy to establish a new economic model to implement the renovation and open door policies of the 6th Congress of the CPV (1986) for industrialization and modernization: export prrocessing zone.


Tân Thuận EPZ Today


Hepza Establishment


Right after the export processing zone regulation was issued, the Tân Thuận Export Processing Zone Authority was established based on Decision No.62/CT on Frebruary 26, 1992 of the Chairman of the Ministers Council including 8 members. The Authority Chairman was Mr. Lữ Minh Châu – former Deputy Minister of the State Committee of Cooperation and Investment; Mr. Nguyễn Công Ái, Vice Chairman – former Vice Chairman of the Hồ Chí Minh City People’s Committee; Authority Members: Directors and Vice Directors of Ministry Departments who were representatives of Ministries of Trade, Finance, Public Security and State Bank, General Department of Customs and Hồ Chí Minh City People’s Committee.

After the establishment of Linh Trung export processing zone, Tân Thuận Export Processing Zone Authority changed to Hồ Chí Minh City Export Processing Zone Authority (HEPZA) and used the national emblem having seal pursuant to Announcement No.433/KTĐN of the Government Office on October 27, 1992.

After the establishment of some industrial parks, Hồ Chí Minh City Export Processing Zone Authority changed to Hồ Chí Minh City Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority (HEPZA) pursuant to Decision No.731/TTg of the Prime Minister on October 3, 1996. Until now, The Prime Minister has nominated the Vice Chairmen of the HCMC. People’s Committee Chairman of HEPZA: Mr. Trần Thành Long (from 1996 to 1999), Mr.Trần Ngọc Côn (from 1999 to 2001). From 2001 to 2004, the HEPZA Vice Chairman, Mr.Nguyễn Chơn Trung was nominated HEPZA Chairman and from 2004 Mr.Vũ Văn Hòa - Hepza Chairman.

Hepza’s organization was established in the end of 1992 and from 1997 to now, it has included office, 6 professional departments, Hepza employment service center, Hepza center of the industrial and information services, department of Hepza’s representative in the Ips. From 1999, pursuant to the Government policy, Hepza has practised the mechanism of self control on budget.

From October 2000, pursuant to Decision No.100/QĐ-TTg of the Prime Minister on August 17, 2000, Hepza has been directly under the leadership of HCMC. People’s Committee of three main areas: Human resources, planning and finance and still professionally instructed by specific Ministries, Ministerial Level Agencies and Government bodies.

 In 1997, Hepza was awarded the 3rd class Labor Medal by the State President and on the occasion of Tân Thuận EPZ 10 years’ oparation anniversary, Hepza was awarded the 2nd class Labour Medal for good governance.


Good results of the development of the EPZs and Ips

With 15 EPZs and IPs, over 900 enterprises and 170,000 workers has contributed to the industrialization and modernization of Ho Chi Minh City, the integration into the regional and world economy.



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