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Nội dung tin tức Nội dung tin tức

Nội dung tin tức Nội dung tin tức



(As stipulated in Paragraph 1, Article 16 of the Investment Law No. 67/2014/QH13 dated 26/11/2014)

a) High-tech activities, high-tech ancillary products; research and development;

b) Production of new materials, new energy, clean energy, renewable energy; productions of products with at least 30% value added; energy-saving products;

c) Production of key electronic, mechanical products, agricultural machinery, cars, car parts; shipbuilding;

d) Production of ancillary products serving textile and garment industry, leather and footwear industry, and the products in Point c of this Clause;

dd) Production of IT products, software products, digital contents;

e) Cultivation, processing of agriculture products, forestry products, aquaculture products; afforestation and forest protection; salt production; fishing and ancillary fishing services; production of plant varieties, animal breads, and biotechnology products;

g) Collection, treatment, recycling of waste;

h) Investment in development, operation, management of infrastructural works; development of public passenger transportation in urban areas;

i) Preschool education, compulsory education, vocational education;

k) Medical examination and treatment; production of medicines, medicine ingredients, essential medicines, medicines for prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, vaccines, biologicals, herbal medicines, orient medicines; scientific research into preparation technology and/or biotechnology serving creation of new medicines;

l) Investment in sport facilities for the disabled or professional athletes; protection and development of cultural heritage;

m) Investment in geriatric centers, mental health centers, treatment for agent orange patients; care centers for the elderly, the disabled, orphans, street children;

n) People's credit funds, microfinance institutions

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